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by You Are Dissolved

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Assembled from live recordings made on December 7, 2013, in the steam engine room in the factory at Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden.

These sounds were performed live over the course of about four hours within a light installation in a cold engine room filled with smoke, as part of the event "Knycklabruket." The clangs and rattles that can be heard are from the different pieces of abandoned machinery in the room vibrating. More pictures from this can be found at

About the Factory
Fengersfors is a factory town in Dalsland, a region of lakes and valleys in the northeastern tip of Västra Götaland county in western Sweden. It operated between the late 19th century to the mid 1970s, producing a bewildering variety of paper, mostly for industrial use. Thanks to its many waterways this part of Sweden had quite strong industry, exporting products down canal to Gothenburg in the south and further to the nation and the world.

The factory, along with most other industry in the area, collapsed in the economic bust of the late 1970s, and Dalsland is still attempting to recover, bleeding population annually. Nowadays Fengersfors factory is occupied again, notably the Not Quite art society since 2002, with galleries and workshops, for heavy steel, ceramics, and wood. There are also architecture and fashion offices. While this occupies a good amount of the old factory, the building is in fact so huge that much of it still lies in ruin, mere steps from active work. The areas not in ruin are being repaired and prepared to serve as a cultural landmark and active performance space. The amount of strange spaces, machines, and objects in this factory, all succumbed to decades of corrosion, is inspiring.

The steam engine room I used is in the ruined part of the building, at the base of a dangerously decaying smokestack. The room contains a large old steam engine, kept for backup after the installation of a more efficient steam turbine in the 1930s. The smokestack will hopefully be fastened in the future allowing the engine room to become part of the factory-museum’s active space.


released March 13, 2014

Live analog electronics, no sampling or looping. Mixed from a single stereo location recording.

Barrie James Sutcliffe - electronics, recording, mixing, mastering.

NOTE: This is mastered with plenty of dynamics, but the constant drone is enough to give temporary hearing damage after extended loud listening on either headphones or large speakers in a small room. Be careful with bass, friends.

Thanks to Chris Porcarelli and Karl Hallberg at Not Quite, and all the supporting artists during the event.
Special thanks to Henrik Lövgren.




You Are Dissolved Gothenburg, Sweden

Multimedia artist originally from Alberta, Canada. More info and artworks can be found on my homepage.

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